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BI tools

Establishing goals and criteria for project evaluation

    •     Automation of controlling (saving time spent on data acquisition, processing and reporting)
    •     Business process support (supporting a specific decision-making process, financial metrics (e.g., inventory reduction by X%), number/value of ideas/improvements through the use of BI (subjective evaluation by users))
    •     Developing a culture of data discovery (number of BI queries, number of requests for new reports, working time of users, utilization rate, number of ad-hoc queries generated by users)

Defining the requirements for the BI platform

    •     What is the annual cost of licenses for key users in the company?
    •     Does the app run in the cloud or also on-premise?
    •     Is it possible to work on mobile devices?
    •     Is BI visually appealing?
    •     Does it offer easy access to data and convenient viewing of relevant information?
    •     Is it safe?
    •     Does the system allow to clean, combine and model the data?
    •     Does the system offer integration with the company’s existing systems (ERP/CRM/MES etc.) directly or via API?
    •     Does it allow to interact with the data in a visual interface or does it require coding?
    •     Does it allow “drill down” and “drill through” actions?
    •     Will I be able to design dashboards and reports on my own?
    •     Is the application in the spirit of “self-service” or does it require technical competence?
    •     Does it allow to visualize geographic data?
    •     Is it easy to learn this application?
    •     How developed is the market for professional service providers for this application?
    •     Can I collaborate with others on data analysis and share analyses?

      3. Pre-selection of solutions


    4. Proof of Concept

    5.  Functionality tests

    6. Determining the total budget of the project
    7. Identification of risks
    8. Summary of results and preparation of recommendations