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Mergers and acquisitions are transactions used by companies to achieve specific strategic and financial objectives. The outcome may be the combination of two economic entities into one organization in such a way as to achieve new goals, participating jointly in the market.

M&A Processes (buy side, sell side)


Due diligence is a comprehensive examination of the condition of a company, usually commissioned by an external investor interested in buying the company. They want to make sure the offer is truly advantageous. The inspection covers the entire company, providing a comprehensive picture of the company.

Due Diligence Processes (buy side, sell side)


Company financing is essential for its operation and development. Obtaining financing will enable the implementation of investments and cover the capital needs for current and development activities. Optimal sources of corporate financing determine the acquisition and maintenance of a position as well as the further development of companies in the competitive market. Planning and implementation of a strategic vision for financing should take place especially in small and medium-sized enterprises.

Acquisition of Investment and Working Capital Financing


Non-governmental organizations have an annual reporting obligation - they prepare, sign, approve, and send the financial statements to the relevant authority. The reporting period is the fiscal year. It is most often the same as the calendar year. In addition, the report must be signed by the entire board and accepted by resolution of the competent body authorized for this purpose.

Preparation of Annual Individual and Consolidated Financial Statements in PSR and IFRS/IAS


Financial audit is a comprehensive examination of the financial statements by a certified auditor, which should provide a basis for confirming that it presents a true and fair view of the financial position, financial performance, and cash flows of the entity.

Support in Financial Audit Processes


A financial model is a fundamental tool for preparing for the process of obtaining external financing. With its help, financial forecasts for the near future can be prepared with great accuracy and the profitability of the entire venture can be assessed. The financial model also allows you to verify the basic assumptions about the entire business. Therefore, it is worth preparing it even when start-up owners initially want to cover the operating costs themselves and do not plan to apply for external financing in the near future. In such a situation, a financial model will help objectively assess the profitability of the business and identify any critical points.

Preparation of Financial and Banking Models


Business Intelligence - or business analytics - is an extremely broad topic that is a kind of combination of tools, software, and expert knowledge. The aim of business analysts is to improve company performance and eliminate potential threats.

Use of BI Tools


Restructuring - radical changes in the assets, liabilities, or organization of a company. The aim of restructuring is to create conditions for the growth of the company's value.

Restructuring Processes


Cost optimization in a company is, in other words, cost rationalization, which aims to reduce the expenses incurred by the company while maintaining the same, and sometimes even higher, efficiency. The key to cost optimization is to ensure that it does not involve a decrease in the quality of products or services provided, as well as the condition of the company and its efficiency. It is worth realizing that effective cost optimization must be preceded by a multidimensional and meticulous analysis of the company on all fronts. Certainly, experience in economics and finance will be necessary here.

Optimization of Operating Costs