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KPI Dashboard

As part of the CFO’s responsibilities, providing the management with condensed knowledge about the financial state of the company in the form of reports is crucial for making key development decisions.

We can transform any information about your company’s operations into interactive and customized management dashboards, also known as KPI dashboards. With clear, organized data, you will be able to make decisions crucial for your business more quickly and effectively.


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Business Data Visualization

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Dashboard – Finance

Visualization of key financial indicators.

Dashboard – Sales

Visualization of key sales performance indicators.

Dashboard – Marketing

Visualization of key marketing effectiveness indicators.

Dashboard HR

Visualization of key HR indicators.

Dashboard – Key Operational Metrics

Visualization of key operational metrics.

Dashboard – Market Data

Visualization of key market data indicators.

Full Support from
an External CFO

Are you tired of analyzing never-ending spreadsheets and reports to find the information needed for optimal business decisions? The solution to this problem is professional business data visualization. At CFO Consulting, we provide comprehensive support in building professional management dashboards that will simplify the management of your company.

Nadzór finansowy, podatkowy, księgowy

Analysis of Needs and Goals

After a thorough analysis, we will customize the dashboards to your business activities.

Design and Implementation

Our specialists will create interactive dashboards from your data.

Training and Support

We offer comprehensive support and training in using the dashboards.

Why CFO Consulting

CFO Consulting offers effective tools and know-how

Are you tired of analyzing spreadsheets and unreadable reports? Interactive KPI dashboards are the solution. Use a BI dashboard for faster decision-making, problem identification, and data presentation. We make your business success easier with professional data visualization.


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