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Working Capital Management

We specialize in effective working capital management. Our experienced team of experts will conduct an analysis, develop an optimal strategy, and provide support that contributes to increased competitiveness and eliminates payment bottlenecks. Learn how working capital management affects financial liquidity and why it is crucial for your business’s success.


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Savings Through Hiring an External CFO

Working Capital Management

How will we increase the value of your company?

Comprehensive Analysis

Full analysis of working capital and identification of areas for financial optimization.

Strategy Customization

Development of individual working capital management strategies tailored to the client’s needs.

Elimination of Payment Bottlenecks

Effective prevention of payment delays and minimizing the risk of bottlenecks.

Cost Optimization

Identification and reduction of unnecessary costs related to working capital financing.

Improved Financial Liquidity

Enhancement of financial liquidity through effective management of receivables and liabilities.

Profitability Growth

Increased operational efficiency and greater profit generation through optimal working capital management.

Full Support
from an External CFO

We offer comprehensive support in working capital management. We prepare financial statements and analytical reports, crucial for effective monitoring of the company’s liquidity situation.

Nadzór finansowy, podatkowy, księgowy

Analysis and Diagnosis

We conduct a comprehensive analysis of working capital, identifying areas for optimization.

Strategy Development

We create an individual working capital management strategy tailored to your needs.

Implementation and Monitoring

We implement effective solutions and monitor the results, providing continuous support.

Why CFO Consulting

CFO Consulting provides effective tools and know-how

We offer comprehensive support in working capital management. We tailor tools and plans to your individual needs, creating a clear cooperation plan. Our professional advice integrates data analysis and business goals in an advanced working capital model


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