Micro and small businesses typically do not have sufficient financial resources to justify hiring a full-time Chief Financial Officer (CFO). On the other hand, having a CFO in the company’s structure guarantees effective implementation of financial policies and budget planning. How to reconcile limited capabilities with the need for expert knowledge? The solution to this problem may be a part-time Chief Financial Officer, which is one of the essential services available at CFO Consulting.

Our company focuses on providing entrepreneurs with specialized know-how in the field of finance and managing various internal processes. The part-time CFO is one of three cooperation models (alongside the flat-rate and project-based models). The direction and form of cooperation always depend on the client’s needs. We develop an operational model that ensures the highest added value while maintaining competitive prices. CFO services on an hourly basis meet the expectations of companies that emphasize a flexible, task-oriented approach to business.

The final price for the part-time CFO service results from a combination of the so-called standby fee (readiness fee) with the product of the adopted hourly rate and the number of hours actually worked on a monthly basis. This way, you only pay for the resources used, and the total amount depends on the intensity of the CFO’s work in a specific month.

Dyrektor finansowy na godziny CFO Consulting

Part-Time CFO – Who Is Our Offer Aimed At?

A part-time Chief Financial Officer is an ideal solution for micro and small businesses that have a stable financial structure but need periodic support in achieving specific goals. The key factor favoring the choice of a part-time CFO is cost flexibility. You only pay for the specialist’s actual workload. CFO Consulting supports the effective management of finances and relieves business owners from the tedious tasks of reporting, planning, and analysis.

One of the preliminary criteria for the target group in the part-time CFO service is the total revenue and employment status. The hourly rate-based cooperation model works perfectly for small businesses generating revenues of up to 10 million PLN annually and employing up to 50 people. The higher the dynamics of business growth, the more often our recommendation becomes the flat-rate model. However, the hourly rate remains highly popular among entities in the trade, service, and IT sectors where continuous support is not required.

An external CFO helps address many of the problems that modern businesses face, including high operating costs, cash flow, and inadequate financial planning systems. CFO Consulting’s hourly services lay the foundations for effective financial management and address new challenges in the FP&A area.

Part-Time Chief Financial Officer – What Are the Benefits?

A personalized hourly cooperation model brings numerous undeniable benefits to companies, focusing on cost optimization and maximizing available time. A part-time CFO is a service that guarantees a reduction in both fixed and variable costs while maintaining the complexity of FP&A support. Employing a full-time CFO generates significant expenses beyond the reach of many SMEs. The CFO Consulting offer bridges the gap between comprehensive service and competitive prices.

Support from a part-time CFO results in a deep understanding of the processes taking place within the company. We will help define short- and long-term goals while identifying the individual stages of their achievement. Forecasting financial liquidity is a task worth entrusting to specialists. An external part-time CFO enables quick responses to emerging issues and creates planning mechanisms to prevent their occurrence in the future.