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Management Reporting

Identification of management needs

    •     Diagnosis of the situation
    •     Preparatory work
    •     Forming a team
    •     Establishing criteria and aspects
    •     Choosing a reporting standard
    •     Data collection and aggregation
    •     Developing the content of the report
    •     Verification of the report
    •     Communication

Reporting process

    •     Determination of reporting periods and closing time
    •     Data aggregation
    •     Reconciliation process of operational and financial data
    •     If there are discrepancies – the process of determining differences and making adjustments
    •     Exporting data to reporting tools
    •     Data analysis and verification
    •     Preparation of the reporting package (P&L, BS, CF, operational data, statistics)
    •     Analysis of deviations to comparative data (budget, previous year)
    •     Preparation of key KPIs
    •     Preparation of the presentation package
    •     Presentation and discussion of data