What Do We Do?

Our mission is to reach out to startups and smaller businesses that don’t need to hire a financial director in the early stages of their development. As a company, we offer the service of outsourcing the tasks of a financial director, whose hiring costs for a permanent position are often not aligned with the scale and needs of the business.

With CFO Consulting services, you will not only save on the costs associated with organizing the financial structure of your business but also have more time for strategic planning and operational activities, the so-called “core business.”

Furthermore, with our assistance, you will be able to achieve professionalism in the financial area, which would not be possible without the help of an experienced in-house financial director.



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Benefits of Hiring

Speed of collaboration initiation
Significantly lower cost compared to
internal recruitment
Improvement in quality and reduction in the period of
reporting of management data in the company
Enhanced business security through
implementation of planning/
budgeting system
Improved profitability through access to
in-depth management information
Enhanced internal control
Digitization of processes and tools in the financial
Freeing up business owners’ time to focus on
strategic areas and business development

Financial Director vs. Accounting Services


Financial strategy

Budgets, business plans, and financial forecasts

Trend analysis, forecasting, and direction setting

Profitability, liquidity, efficiency

Financial security of business development

Financial risk management

Financial and cost analysis

Strategic advisory for management

Participation in strategic initiatives such as mergers and acquisitions


Historically oriented

Preparation of annual financial statements

Preparation of reports required by accounting, GUS, VAT, PIT, CIT, etc.


Settlements with contractors

Our Sectoral Experience

We have gained experience through projects for clients in various sectors of the economy, including:

Consumer Goods
Media and Communication
Software and IT Services
Non-Profit Organizations
Recreation and Travel
Private Healthcare
Transport and Logistics
Corporate and Legal Services
Wellness and Fitness

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