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Financial Supervision

We provide supervision over the course and correctness of accounting and tax processes, as well as contact with relevant information providers, such as accounting offices, tax authorities, external institutions (banks, private investors, expert auditors).


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Financial Supervision

How Will We Increase the Value
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Supervision over Accounting Processes

We provide supervision over accounting processes to ensure the quality and timely managerial information for the Management and key management personnel.

Supervision over the Tax Area

We provide supervision over the tax area, eliminating potential tax risks for your business.

Support in Financial Audit Processes

In case of a financial audit obligation, we provide support for the accounting team and key management personnel to efficiently navigate the company through such a process.

Support in Due Diligence Processes

In case of projects in the due diligence area (e.g., bank financing or acquiring a new investor), we support the Management in efficiently organizing the entire process.

Full Support
from an External CFO

We provide comprehensive support in financial supervision. The primary task in this area is to ensure the completeness, correctness, credibility, timeliness, and transparency of financial data, primarily for internal but also external recipients.

Nadzór finansowy, podatkowy, księgowy

Supervision over Accounting Processes

Full supervision over the correctness and timeliness of accounting processes.

Supervision over the Tax Area

Supervision over tax matters, providing comfort to the company’s Management in this area.

Contact with External Institutions

Regular contact with external institutions, ensuring efficient data exchange and minimizing risks for the company.

Why CFO Consulting

CFO Consulting offers effective tools and know-how

We provide comprehensive supervision over accounting, tax, and cooperation with accounting offices, banks, and other institutions. Ensuring completeness, timeliness, and transparency of financial data is our priority.


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